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Termux on Windows Pc

Developed By: Fredrik Fornwall

License: Free

Rating: 4,5/5 - 79.636 votes

Last Updated: October 08, 2020

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Compatible with Windows 7/8/10 Pc & Laptop

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Size187.5 KB
Release DateSeptember 29, 20
CategoryTools Apps

App Permissions:
Allows applications to access information about networks. [see more (8)]

What's New:
• Terminal emulation: fix handling of DECRQM sequence. Issue #1752.• Fix crash when using RunCommandService and issue with foreground sessions. Pull request #... [see more]

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Description from Developer:
Termux combines powerful terminal emulation with an extensive Linux package collection.• Enjoy the bash and zsh shells.• Manage files with nnn and edit them... [read more]

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About this app

On this page you can download Termux and install on Windows PC. Termux is free Tools app, developed by Fredrik Fornwall. Latest version of Termux is 0.101, was released on 2020-09-29 (updated on 2020-10-08). Estimated number of the downloads is more than 10000000. Overall rating of Termux is 4,5. Generally most of the top apps on Android Store have rating of 4+. This app had been rated by 79.636 users, 5826 users had rated it 5*, 63622 users had rated it 1*. Older versions of Termux are also available with us 0.101 0.99 0.98 0.95 0.94 0.92 0.90 0.88 0.86 0.84 0.83 0.82 0.81 0.75 0.74 0.73 0.72 0.71 0.70 0.69 0.68 0.67 0.66 0.65 0.64

How to install Termux on Windows?

Instruction on how to install Termux on Windows XP/7/8/10 Pc & Laptop

In this post, I am going to show you how to install Termux on Windows PC by using Android App Player such as BlueStacks, Nox, KOPlayer, ...

Before you start, you will need to download the apk installer file, you can find download button on top of this page. Save it to easy-to-find location.

[Note]: You can also download older versions of this app on bottom of this page.

Below you will find a detailed step-by-step guide, but I want to give you a fast overview how it works. All you need is an emulator that will emulate an Android device on your Windows PC and then you can install applications and use it - you see you're actually playing it on Android, but this runs not on a smartphone or tablet, it runs on a PC.

If this doesn't work on your PC, or you cannot install, comment here and we will help you!

Step By Step Guide To Install Termux using BlueStacks

  1. Download & Install BlueStacks at: http://bluestacks.com
  2. Open the apk file: Double-click the apk file to launch BlueStacks and install the application. If your apk file doesn't automatically open BlueStacks, right-click on it and select Open with... Browse to the BlueStacks. You can also drag-and-drop the apk file onto the BlueStacks home screen
  3. After install, just click Run to open, it works like a charm :D.

How to install Termux on Windows PC using NoxPlayer

  1. Download & Install NoxPlayer at: http://bignox.com. The installation is easy to carry out.
  2. Drag the apk file to Nox and drop it. The File Manager will show up. Click the Open XXX Folder button under the file sign that turns blue.
  3. Then you will be able to install the apk you just download from your computer to Nox or move/copy the file to other locations in Nox.


(*) is required

• Terminal emulation: fix handling of DECRQM sequence. Issue #1752.
• Fix crash when using RunCommandService and issue with foreground sessions. Pull request #1764.
• Update bootstrap archives.

September 29, 2020

See changelog at:

September 14, 2020

• Ignore battery optimization settings to prevent suspension when acquiring wake lock (#1216).

August 17, 2019

- Fix problems with sharing large terminal transcripts (#1166).
- Export ANDROID_TZDATA_ROOT as that is needed to run am and dalvikvm on Android Q (#1163).
- Make is possible to add functions keys (F1-F12) as extra keys (#1161).

August 03, 2019

Set BOOTCLASSPATH environment variable (#1145).

May 25, 2019

Remove intent category "default" from manifest and improve temporary directory cleanup (#1141).

May 20, 2019

• Export `ANDROID_RUNTIME_ROOT` to make `am` work on Android Q (#1114).
• Add limit for the bell vibrations (#715).

May 10, 2019

Fix crash in some cases in the extra keys view.

April 20, 2019

• For new installations on devices with Android 7 or later a new Bintray repository will be used.
• Do not export `LD_LIBRARY_PATH` if the new Android 7+ bintray repository is used, as these packages are built with the `DT_RUNPATH` elf file attribute.
• A failsafe session, to be used if normal sessions no longer start, is now accessible via separate launcher icon (#1028).
• Other various fixes and improvements - see https://github.com/termux/termux-app/releases/tag/v0.67

April 13, 2019

- Make extra keys configurable using the extra-key in termux.properties. See https://www.reddit.com/r/termux/comments/ai44cj/version_066_of_the_termux_app_has_been_released/ for more information.
- Allow to keep the screen on by long pressing, selecting More... and then Keep screen on.
- Drop the round icon which should make more devices use the adaptive icon.
- Close sessions without waiting for user feedback if there are several running.
- Internal changes and refreshes.

January 19, 2019

• New adaptive icon on devices running Android 8.0 or later.
• Support combining the function key with arrow keys on at least the Gemini PDA.

July 31, 2018

• Fix extra keyboard button background on non-default background colors.
• Fix extra keyboard layout on Android 5.0.
• Add basic accessibility support.

June 30, 2018

Fix error with termux-setup-storage that could cause the shared storage to be wiped when re-run.

June 24, 2018

• Speed up terminal rendering for ASCII text.
• Improve the extra keys view toggled with VolumeUp+q.
• Do not export the PS1 environment variable.
• Recreate ~/storage when running termux-setup-storage.

June 22, 2018

- Replace \r\n and \n with \r when pasting text (#712).
- Look up mime type better when using the Storage Access Framework (#721).

June 13, 2018

Fix notification icon color.

January 24, 2018

- Support the REP (REPeat previous displayable character) terminal escape sequence.
- Do not scroll at newlines when the cursor is below the bottom scrolling margin set by DECSTBM (Set Top and Bottom Margins).
- Validate the file path sent from xdg/termux-open to the app.

Allows applications to access information about networks.
Allows applications to open network sockets.
Allows an application to write to external storage.
Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.
Allows access to the vibrator.
Permission an application must hold in order to use ACTION_REQUEST_IGNORE_BATTERY_OPTIMIZATIONS.
Allows an app to create windows using the type TYPE_APPLICATION_OVERLAY, shown on top of all other apps.
Allows an application to read from external storage.
Termux combines powerful terminal emulation with an extensive Linux package collection.

• Enjoy the bash and zsh shells.
• Manage files with nnn and edit them with nano, vim or emacs.
• Access servers over ssh.
• Develop in C with clang, make and gdb.
• Use the python console as a pocket calculator.
• Check out projects with git.
• Run text-based games with frotz.

At first start a small base system is downloaded - desired packages can then be installed using the apt package manager. Access the built-in help by long-pressing anywhere on the terminal and selecting the Help menu option to learn more.

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Want to join the Termux IRC chat?
#termux on freenode